5 Things Not To Do While Your Home Is On The Market

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You’ve been frantically preparing your home for sale and you are finally ready to go. The next step is to go active in MLS. Wait! Before you go live…

Here are 5 things NOT TO DO while your home is on the market.

1. Do Not Stay In The Home During A Showing. The buyer will feel uncomfortable and unable to discuss the home freely. They will want to look quickly and leave because they feel like intruders, no matter how nice you are. You don’t want them to associate the feeling of being uncomfortable with your home. If you are not there, they can take the time needed to envision themselves in the home and discuss it’s pros and cons.

2. Do Not Smoke. Smoking can reduce your chances of selling dramatically. Smoke odor is very difficult to remove and most buyers will pass on the house rather than risk not being able to get rid of the smell after they close. Don’t kid yourself that you can mask it with deodorizers. You can’t. Do a smell check for other odors as well, cat, dog, etc.

3. Do Not Let Fido Greet The Buyers. Some buyers are afraid of dogs and even the friendliest of dogs with an enthusiastic greeting can scare off a buyer. You want them to spend as much time in your home as possible so take the dog on a walk or for a ride in the car. If your pup is comfortable in a crate, that works, too.

4. Do Not Neglect Minor Repairs. Broken hinges, doors that don’t close properly, cracked windows, etc…these all send the message to the buyer that the home is not well maintained. We all have little items in our homes that we tend to live with until we get around to fixing them. If you are planning to put your home on the market, have a handyman come over and fix them.   If something breaks while it’s on the market, have them come back.

5. Do Not Leave A Mess. It is difficult to keep a house perfectly tidy every day but it is a must.  In our market, homes that are in perfect condition and priced right sell the fastest. Perfect condition includes cleanliness and tidiness. If the home is in disarray it sends a similar message of neglect as having minor repairs needed. Hire a weekly cleaning service if needed.


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